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Can I stream a video for my students?

The Library is able to support you with both access and copyright information for streaming media.

You can:

  • Always copy and share resources that are in the public domain (anything from 1926 or before, federal government works) or openly licensed (i.e., have a Creative Commons license).
  • Link to a legitimate site where the film is streaming for free (a free documentary on PBS, for example).
  • Ask the librarians to check for institutional licensing for films that students can access through the library.
  • Rely on fair use to digitize sections of a film, as long as you weigh all four factors. In very rare cases, is may be appropriate to digitize an entire film under fair use. Read more in the Library Copyright Guide.
Be aware that:
  • You can't rely on section 110(1) of the Copyright Act while teaching remotely. This is what enables faculty to show entire films in the face-to-face classroom without permission.
  • Just because you or the Library owns a DVD does not provide legal permission to make a digital copy of the work.
  • Licenses from popular streaming services (with the exception of some Netflix documentaries) are generally intended for individuals and don't give permission to stream for your class.
Please contact Michaela Willi Hooper ( or another librarian to discuss your needs in more detail.

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